Introduction to Python, PyROOT and GaudiPython
Eduardo Rodrigues, 12-18 March 2008

A first course to introduce the powerful and flexible scripting language Python. The course is intended to anyone with an interest in using this alternative scripting language for general use. But the second part will focus on two applications of particular interest for LHCb and ATLAS users, with practical examples of how to deal with ROOT and the Gaudi software framework from Python.

(U.K. time)
Course structure and material

The course contains three distinct parts:

Participants and connectivity

Each lecture will be given at the University of Glasgow but will be broadcast with the videoconferencing facilities of SUPA to the Universities of Strathclyde, Edinburgh, the Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh and the University of the West of Scotland. There will also have a connection from CERN.

For CERN participants, please note the location from where the videoconferencing will be set up:
  - Wednesday 12th: room 28-R-015
  - Thursday 13th: room 28-S-029
  - Tuesday 18th: room 28-R-015
Jean-Louis Latsague is the contact person that will set things up; he will be present at the beginning. In case of need, his contact details are:
  - GSM phone : +41 (0)76 487 46 07
  - short CERN internal call : 164607
  - fix phone : +41 (0)22 767 09 66
The connection will start centrally, in which case all there is to do from the CERN side is to answer the call.

Contact person

Feel free to contact me for any question or doubt related to this course:

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